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New ECOPIA tyres offer more fuel savings with uncompromised wet performance and wear life!

ECOPIA tyres are made with the latest technology for reducing rolling resistance which leads to less fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions. ECOPIA tyres also deliver the safety peformance of better braking in the wet and longer wear life.

ecopia ep200

With 8.1% improvement in fuel efficiency, comparing ECOPIA EP200 to Bridgestone AR10 over 10,00OKM distance travelled. (Size 195/65R15 based on JATA test). Actual savings may vary which depend on proper tyre maintenance, vehicle, driving style and road conditions.

Available size:

50 SERIES 195/50R15 082V T/L
55 SERIES 195/55R15 085V T/L
185/55R16 083V T/L
205/55R16 091V T/L
215/55R17 094V T/L
60 SERIES 185/60R14 082V T/L
185/60R15 084V T/L
195/60R15 088V T/L
205/60R15 091V T/L
215/60R16 095H T/L
65 SERIES 175/65R14 082H T/L
175/65R15 084H T/L
185/65R14 086H T/L
195/65R15 091H T/L
205/65R15 094V T/L
215/65R15 096V T/L
70 SERIES 175/70R13 082H T/L
195/70R14 091H T/L