Retread Technology
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Retread Technology

Bridgestone Bandag is All about Saving and Safety.?

Retreading tyres offer drivers the best way to save, yet still stay safe. Committed to bringing all the benefits of this technology to our customers, Bridgestone has acquired the industry leader Bandag Inc in May 2007. Taking on the name of Bridgestone Bandag (BSBD), this new company has quickly moved to promote the idea of retreading to customers worldwide.

What is a retread tyre?

When a tyre has exhausted its intended service life, the worn tread surface is removed and a fresh new tread is attached. This enables the tyre to be reused instead of being scrapped, thus extending its usable life.

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Lower Costs

Even when the main treads have worn out, tyre casings are usually still in good condition and can continue to be used if retreaded. This stretches your investment dollar and cuts your operating costs without affecting performance or safety

Greater Safety

Nothing matters to us as much as your safety, which is why out of the 10 steps necessary in the retread process, four steps are all focused on inspecting the used tyre to ensure it is right for retreading. The process itself ends in a stringent final inspection, but our commitment does not end there. Customers enjoy regular after-sales safety inspection, maintenance and even consultancy.

More Eco-friendly
Retread tyres require only 32% of the petroleum needed to make new tyres, and less than ½ of the rubber. By greatly reducing CO2 emission and industrial waste generated in the production process, Bridgestone Bandag is actively contributing to a cleaner environment.

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Our American Customers' Voice: Bandag Works!

Mr Gary Van Blaricom, Eastern Iowa Tires, Inc
“Bandag's appeal is offering generous support.”
The friendly support services of Bandag in management, technology and sales have helped us immensely. In particular, their Help Desk's response to our problems has been splendid. They have always delivered prompt assistance that helped us resolve urgent problems.

Mr Michael Gerdin, Heartland Express, Inc.
“Nothing is more important to us than the quality of our tyres.”
Quality is our most important consideration when it comes to new tyres or retreads, and we only use the products of companies we trust...We send out about 400 to 500 tyres a week to Bandag dealers to get them retread and delivered back to us. They always deliver high-quality products to us right on schedule. We have great faith in them.

Mr Murray Fitzer, Florilli Transportation
“The Bandag dealer network throughout America keeps us going.”
Cost is our most important consideration when we buy tyres...That is why we only buy Bridgestone tyres. Their casings are always high performance. We normally retread tyres... We always use Bandag dealerships because of their reliable products and the ample knowledge of their sales personnel.