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Bridgestone ECOPIA EP150 Tyre Featured As Original Equipment On Perodua Bezza 1.3 Litre

Malaysia, 10 August 2016 – Bridgestone Tyre Sales (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (Bridgestone Malaysia), an affiliate of Bridgestone Corporation, the world’s leading rubber and tyre company, officially announce that its ECOPIA EP150 tyre will be fitted as original equipment on the Malaysian’s second national car, Perodua’s latest launched vehicle, the Perodua Bezza Sedan 1.3 Litre.

ECOPIA EP150 is an eco-friendly, green tyre that combines fuel efficiency without compromising on safety and comfort. The Ecopia compound is the result of global research and development into low rolling resistance technology. The reduced force required to roll a tyre saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions to the environment.

Overview of tyres supplied

Model Tyre Pattern Tyre Size Load Index Speed Symbol

ECOPIA EP150’s features

ECOPIA EP150 is a tyre that truly reflects Bridgestone’s advanced technology and commitment to innovation.

This low rolling resistance tyre is designed to deliver excellent fuel economy and low noise while maintaining Bridgestone’s renowned safety standards.

  • Excellent braking performance
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Low noise for a quieter, more comfortable ride
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Exceptional handling in hazardous and wet conditions


New technologies in New Tread Design

Rib-linked blocks
Outstanding braking performance. It uniforms ground contact when braking, enhances braking even in wet condition.

Optimized 3D block shape
Minimize block surface contact lift off.

ECOPIA compound
Improves rolling resistance.

Weight - optimization
Optimize the balance of each material for improved RRC without compromise the durability.

Key Features of Perodua Bezza

Perodua’s first Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV), which is fully designed by Malaysians, with a strong support from Daihatsu Motor Company of Japan, the Perodua Bezza was officially launched in Malaysia on 21st July 2016.

The sedan comes in 5 variants, the 1.0L Manual & Automatic Transmission; the 1.3L “Premium X” Manual & Automatic Transmission; and the 1.3L “Advanced Version” Automatic Transmission.

The Perodua Bezza 1.3L Advance variant comes equipped with a Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) which is a safety function that detect and reduce skidding hence allows the driver to maintain stability while driving.

This variant also comes with Brake Assist (BA) and Traction Control (TRC) which allows the driver to maintain traction on a slippery road. It also has the Hill Start Assist (HAS) that prevents the car from rolling back on slopes when the brake is released, giving the driver time to switch to the accelerator pedal.

The Perodua Bezza variants come equipped with ABS, EBD and also intermittent operated windshield wiper which changes speed in-line with the vehicle’s acceleration (speed sensing wiper). This will further improve the car’s safety features as it improves visibility when driving in the rain.

The Perodua EEV sedan is a first of its kind for the compact car company as the car comes in a new 1.0 Litre 1KR-VE engine with VVT-i and a 1.3 Litre 1NR-VE engine with Dual VVT-i. The manual transmission has 5 speeds while the electronic automatic transmission (E-AT) has 4 speeds.

The “Eco Idle” system will automatically stops the engine when the car is idle and restarts upon release of the brake, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

About Bridgestone

Bridgestone Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, is the world's largest manufacturer of tyres and other rubber products. While tyre contributes significantly to Bridgestone Group’s sales worldwide, Bridgestone also manufactures industrial rubber and chemical products, sporting goods, and other diversified products.

Bridgestone Tyre Sales (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is an affiliate of Bridgestone Corporation. The company was set up in April 2000 with the aim of providing exceptional customer service and to introduce quality products for the benefit of Malaysian consumers. The company offers a wide range of tyres, tubes and flaps for passenger cars, 4x4s, light trucks, trucks & buses as well as industrial & agricultural vehicles and machinery.