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Low rolling resistance design

When you purchase an ECOPIA tyre, you are receiving more than just a tyre.

More Savings: The Ecopia tyre is designed with fuel and environmental
savings in mind. Because it has a lower rolling resistance than other tyres,
ECOPIA tyres have greater fuel efficiency, leading to the greater cost savings and lower CO2 emissions.

More Road: The advanced technology of ECOPIA gives you smoother acceleration, a more stable driving experience and better braking performance, which all add up to less wear and tear on your tyres. Put together with its fuel and CO2 savings, and you’ll find the ECOPIA tyre offers a more sustainable, eco-friendly motoring experience – which means more roads for all of us.

ecopia ep300


The new ECOPIA tyre is designed for the driver who doesn't compromise. Its lower rolling resistance achieves class-leading fuel efficiency and savings, not to mention lower CO2 emissions, while its enhanced wet handling offers greater safety. Add all that to a new tread design and you get longer lasting performance that goes even further.

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ecopia ep150

With 7.1% improvement in fuel efficiency, comparing ECOPIA EP150 to Bridgestone AR10 over 10,000KM distance travelled. (Size 195/65R15 based on JATA test). Actual savings may vary which depend on proper tyre maintenance, vehicle, driving style and road conditions.

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ecopia ep850

Ecopia technology has found its way into the SUV category with the new EP850. Incorporating ECO technology to give you unparalleled experience and wet braking performance at lower fuel consumption compared to conventional tyres, the EP850 rolls on low resistance and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Saving money and going green now comes together in EP850.

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