Nissan Sentra Tires

Bridgestone offers a wide range of options for your Nissan Sentra tires.

Give your Nissan Sentra the Tires it Deserves

As the Nissan’s midsize economy model, the Nissan Sentra offers a roomy interior combined with a comfortable ride. The Nissan Sentra’s unique design and remarkable affordability make it the ideal choice for the driver who wants stress-free car ownership. In order to preserve the convenience of the Nissan Sentra, it’s important to outfit it with the right tire, making Bridgestone a perfect fit.

With Bridgestone there is a wide range of choices available for your Nissan Sentra tires. For drivers interested in cruising down the highway in comfort, the Turanza Serenity Plus tire is an ideal pick when choosing tires for your Nissan Sentra. As a luxury sedan tire, the Turanza Serenity Plus tire features solid performance in wet or dry conditions while delivering a quiet, comfortable ride. If you are interested in fuel economy, Bridgestone’s Ecopia EP422 tire will suit your Nissan Sentra tire needs quite nicely. This tire is designed to enhance gas mileage by reducing rolling resistance, which in turn can save you fuel.

Bridgestone has the performance technologies to satisfy your needs. Check out our Tire Catalog to find the perfect set of tires for your Nissan Sentra.