Innovative lightweight tyre technology that requires less materials and cuts CO2 emissions.

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Bridgestone’s New Environmental Tyre Solution

Enliten, a new innovative lightweight tyre technology that represents an unmatchable reduction in material and rolling resistance performance to contribute to the reduction of a vehicle’s CO2 emissions, while providing the same wear life as a standard original equipment tyre. Benefitting car manufacturers, drivers and the environment, tyres with embedded Enliten technology also improve the vehicle’s handling and stability to increase driving pleasure.

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Enliten technology reduces the rolling resistance of a passenger tyre, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in combustion vehicles, while also extending battery life and vehicle range in electric vehicles.

Enliten enables passenger tyres to be reduced in weight. This not only ensures that less raw materials are used to manufacture the tyres, but also contributes to the reduced rolling resistance.

Without any trade-off on tyre wear or safety., the technology even improves the vehicle’s handling and stability to increase driving pleasure.


An innovative approach to tyre design and production which combines a proprietary compound mix that enables improved wear performance and a decreased tread depth, a reduced and reinforced inner liner thickness, and a new dedicated mould design concept.

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Customer Performance & Sustainability

• CO2 Reduction: Low-rolling resistance coefficient

• Fuel / Electric Efficiency Improvemen: Low rolling resistance coefficient

• More Flexibility Of Vehicle Design: Light weight

• Vehicle Quietness: Noise improvement

• Long Lasting: Wear rate improvement

Contribution to Sustainability Needs

• Resource Productivity: Wear / Weight

• Fuel Reduction: Reduction of environmental load

• Material Circularity: Recycle/Renewable materials

• Electricity Reduction: Reduction of environmental load

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Low rolling resistance tyres for better fuel economy

Expand and diversify use of renewable materials

Increase resource productivity

Expand programs towards carbon neutrality


Reduce Water Risk:
Improve environmental impact

Enhance Material Circularity:
Accelerate circular economy adoption in our business

Contribute to CO2 reduction:
Reduce emissions across the product lifecycle and entire value chain

Bridgestone has developed Enliten, a tyre technology that balances light weight and driving performance at a high level. Enliten is designed to reduce CO2 emissions through less resource utilisation and increased fuel efficiency, while improving safety and peace of mind through enhanced driving performance, contributing to society and our customers. Tyres with Enliten technology have already been selected as the original equipment on certain domestic and international vehicle manufacturers' vehicles, including electric vehicles.