Bridgestone Dueler DHPS

4x4/SUVs Front - Rear - 235/45R19

The Dueler H/P Sport is designed to give driver's of luxury SUVs the driving characteristics of a high performance road car: excellent on-road wet and dry handling, sharp steering precision and maximum in-car comfort. The tread pattern is directional.

Performance Information

Designed as a general guideline to compare products between the Bridgestone family of products. Based on the technologies featured in each and not on performance testing data.


  • Specially designed for the finest SUVs

    Super performance at every on road stage - car handling, stability for high-speed cruising and a ride with all the comfort of premium saloon

  • Drive with a new-found finesse

    Specially designed to balance the SUV's high center of gravity

  • Drive with confidence in wet conditions

    For straight grooves efficiently displace water and provides all the grip needed to ensure a perfectly smooth drive

  • Pattern Design

    The HP Sport pattern design is based on the Potenza RE050 product pattern


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Code Tyre Size Appr. Rim Width Load index and speed symbol Overall Tyre Diameter Tread Depth Revs KM
225/55R18 0.0 098V 0.0 0.0 $ 0
225/60R17 0.0 099V 0.0 0.0 $ 0
235/45R19 0.0 095V 0.0 0.0 $ 0
235/55R19 0.0 101V 0.0 0.0 $ 0
245/50R20 0.0 102V 0.0 0.0 $ 0
255/45R20 0.0 101W 0.0 0.0 $ 0
255/55R18 0.0 109Y XL 0.0 0.0 $ 0
255/55R19 0.0 111Y XL 0.0 0.0 $ 0
315/35R21 0.0 111Y XL 0.0 0.0 $ 0

Super performance at every on road stage

  • Superior wet performance
  • High quality appearance
  • Superior dry and wet handling
  • Potenza RE050-based pattern
Bridgestone engineer

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