Proving solar power as a viable, clean alternative energy source for the mobility industry.

With the depletion of finite resources like fossil fuels, preserving our environment needs innovative solutions that harness renewable energy to keep the world moving – and with less cost to future generations.

As the world’s premier solar-powered event, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) is uniquely positioned to promote technological innovation and the development of alternative renewable energy to lower our reliance on non-renewable resources. Progressive successes over the years bear testimony to the viability of solar power in the mobility industry.

The BWSC offers a veritable proving ground for how different facets of future mobility can be leveraged, while preserving our limited resources. It challenges current conventions and demonstrates the potential for ground-breaking sustainable mobility technologies. Lightyear One – the longest range solar powered vehicle borne out of the World Solar Challenge – is testimony of the viability of solar as an alternative source.

By drawing attention to – and amplifying the message of – the need to adopt cleaner renewable resources, Bridgestone is championing the call for innovative solutions to address the planet’s scarcity problems.