ENLITEN Technology

Optimal resource usage, less wastage of finite resources – the key steps to delivering ‘enlightened’ tyres.

With Earth’s finite sources facing depletion, it is imperative to focus on renewability, accelerate material circulatory and contribute to resource productivity.

ENLITEN Technology applied on our tyres allow for a significant reduction in raw material usage in the manufacturing process for both combustion and electric cars.

For our tie-up with NIO in China for example, ENLITEN Technology reduces raw material usage in the tyre production process, while helping the NIO ET7 electric car reach an astonishing 1,000km on a single charge.

In other instances, we have also teamed up with manufacturers such as LIGHTYEAR, Nissan, Mercedes and Volkswagen to achieve enviable driving distances powered by our ENLITEN Technology. These feats of longer distances travelled more efficiently not only have fuel saving implications for combustion vehicles, they also achieve extended battery life for electric vehicles. Either way, they mitigate valuable fossil fuel depletion from the environment.

ENLITEN Technology also boosts material circularity through retreading for truck and bus tyres to preserve resources and deliver improved wear rate, with no compromise to safety and performance. All this helps Bridgestone take big strides towards maximising resource use and enhancing the future of mobility.