Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Developing more efficient technologies to benefit the world

In the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC), young engineers use solar power to design and build the most innovative, efficient and durable solar powered vehicles possible.

Within three classes – Challenger, Cruiser and Adventure – they work at producing the most efficient car based on its body, design and battery lifespan to withstand a punishing 3,000km route on the Australian outback. The teams are motivated to challenge the conventions of vehicle design, in their quest for supreme efficiency.

For example, reduced body weights and advanced lightweight materials enable the car to travel further and faster. Car design too is considered to best harness solar power, while the battery lifespan is configured to maximise solar energy storage.

Such detailing allows the BWSC to have positive flow-on effects for the automotive industry as it develops the capability to produce even more efficient vehicles with every event.