Providing constantly evolving solutions for better tyre and vehicle maintenance, enhanced fleet management and monitoring

With a complex mobility eco-system of electrification, autonomous driving and ride-sharing emerging, Bridgestone embraces changes to stay ahead of the technology curve. Through innovation, we will continue to provide value-based solutions and services for non-stop mobility for all our customers.

Constantly seeking out innovative technologies that go beyond the world of traditional tyres, we have, for example, incorporated Webfleet Solutions for a better end-to-end fleet management experience. We have further integrated Toolbox, a proprietary dashboard that incorporates Tirematics generated data for user’s ease of data viewing on vehicle tyre diagnostics.

With Tirematics predictive maintenance for tyres as a starting point, the integrated Webfleet and Toolbox programmes – together with other solutions we are fervently exploring – Bridgestone is well poised to re-inventing itself to remain in the innovative forefront of a new world.