Tires 4ward Tire Recycling Program

No Tire Left Behind

Sell a tire, recycle a tire — that’s the idea behind Bridgestone’s Tires 4ward Recycling Program, an initiative that works toward ensuring that for every Bridgestone tire sold in the U.S., one spent tire (that’s a tire that’s no longer in use) is given a valuable second life.

Tires 4Ward Recycling Program

As part of the Bridgestone One Team, One Planet sustainability initiative, we started the Tires 4ward Recycling Program on Earth Day 2012. Since then, the program has been wildly successful, reaching a 100% rate of valuable reuse for all tires received at Bridgestone Retail Operations’ more than 2,200 company-owned stores.

Cleaning up communities

Tire recycling is a huge part of ensuring a healthy planet for future generations, but the Tires 4ward program goes even further: Bridgestone also offers free spent tire collection and recycling to communities around the U.S. So far, we’ve supported more than 240 cleanups and collected and recycled more than 70,000 tires overall. All this help is free, and we undertake this important task for a variety of independent community groups as well as for the River Network, a Portland, Oregon-based nonprofit that leads a national watershed protection movement including more than 2,000 local, state and regional grassroots organizations dedicated to protecting rivers and watersheds.

The best thing, though, is that you can request tire recycling support for your own community. Sign up to add your locale to the list for future stops.

Our goal is a waste-free future for our industry and the communities in which we operate. No more tires to landfills, every spent tire turned into a valuable resource, and a healthy environment for current and future generations.