To help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations


The Bridgestone Group has more than 190 production and development locations in 25 countries, business presence in more than 150 countries, and a combined workforce of around 140,000 employees. Our global Environmental Mission Statement acts as a common philosophy to which each of our employees adheres to as they do their jobs on a daily basis.

The philosophy behind the Global Environmental Mission Statement

In May 2011, the company refined its Environmental Mission Statement. The mission itself stayed the same -"to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations…" - and it serves as the company's unchanging environmental philosophy. To highlight further steps the company is taking to support that mission, the Bridgestone Group declared its commitment to working together with its many stakeholders in order to realize a sustainable society. Furthermore, by outlining the direction of our long-term environmental activities and expressing them in simpler terms, we aim to further raise the environmental awareness of all members of the Group and encourage their engagement in initiatives aimed at achieving a more sustainable society.

In the Environmental Mission Statement, we also clearly indicate the "three areas*1 of environmental progress" and the "two core strategies*2 for growth." We feel that by outlining these areas and strategies in simplified terms, understanding is promoted, and all employees belonging to the Bridgestone Group can engage in activities in their respective positions that are in support of our environmental goals.

To ensure everyone in the Bridgestone Group is exposed to the Environmental Mission Statement, it has been translated into 20 languages and is displayed in every Bridgestone Group business. We also use various educational opportunities, such as e-learning, training programs and environmental intranets, to support employees in understanding the connection between the Environmental Mission Statement and the work they do each day. Results from an internal survey on the Environmental Mission Statement conducted in November 2011 at Bridgestone Corporation, showed that the refinements of the Environmental Mission Statement have led to increased interest in participating in environmental activities. The Bridgestone Group will continue to work to create a work atmosphere in which employees feel empowered to promote environmental activities that help support the company's Environmental Mission Statement.

Environment mission statement

Global and Regional Projects

make car green

"MAKE CARS GREEN" is a global environmental campaign which was started by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) in 2008. It has aimed to help reduce the impact of cars on the environment and help drivers think "green" before they drive. Bridgestone has continuously promoted this environmental initiative by communicating "10 points for greener monitoring" to motorists in each country since its start.

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im going green

In line with its status as a company with a vast global presence, Bridgestone recognizes that its initiatives have a significant impact on the Earth’s environment. To raise environmental awareness and encourage greener activities to contribute to achieving a sustainable society, Bridgestone launched the "I’m going green with Bridgestone" campaign in the Asia Pacific region since 2010. Through this campaign, Bridgestone continuously promotes a string of activities that include encouraging the use of Bridgestone’s eco-friendly tyres, advocating greener motoring habits, as well as environmental activities involving Bridgestone employees and the local communities in the region.