To help ensure a healthy environment for future generations to enjoy, we’re continually working toward a sustainable society with our customers, partners and communities.

Bridgestone is far more than just a corporation. We're a part of society, and believe we have an important role to play in improving life for everyone. Whether it's ensuring our business activities are environmentally and socially responsible or developing new technologies that improve driving safety, we're always working to bring about a better future for everyone.

One Team One Planet



Approach to CSR

We at the Bridgestone Group conduct our daily business activities in a way that increases the overall level of our CSR activities based on our belief CSR is at the heart of management itself. These CSR initiatives help the Bridgestone Group achieve its ideal state.

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Diversity Stance

The Bridgestone Group contributes a working environment in which individuals who have diverse values and personalities can work comfortably and demonstrate their abilities.

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Human Rights Stance

The Bridgestone Group's Stance on "Human Rights"

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Rethink Green



Our global Environmental Mission Statement acts as a common philosophy to which each of our employees adheres to as they do their jobs on a daily basis.

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Tyre safety

Tyre Safety

Bridgestone's pledge for Tire Safety: Tire and safety with you all

The sole contact between the car and the road is a patch of tyre the size of a postcard. Motorists can only trust their cars to turn, stop, and go if they trust their tyres. Today's ever-changing driving environment poses a constantly evolving challenge for Bridgestone and its products. Bridgestone's passionate commitment to safety and comfort inspires and sets new standards of technological advancement.

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Corporate Citizenship


Corporate Citizenship

Social Activity Policy of the Bridgestone Group

The Bridgestone Group directs its social activities based on the following concepts. These activities help realize a better society not only through business operations, but through good corporate citizenship.

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